Gutter Guards and Protection

Gutter protection is a critical component of protecting your home from unwanted rain water and dampness that can lead to a rotted fascia or roof boards. When water backs up in a clogged gutter it has no where to go but back over and down the outside wall of your home.

In addition to protecting and taking care of your home gutters outfitted with guards, or protection, will also work to the benefit of your health and your families well being. Statistically speaking, if you venture up onto ladders, or your roof to clean your gutter year after year you are bound to have an accident. You don't want to miss a week or two of work because you did not add these important accessories.

Three basic designs for gutter protection

  • Single vane type such as the helmet type.
  • Single vane helmet type with built-in trough with sieve openings.
  • Louvered systems.

All others (step and slotted filter types) fall in the category of screening systems and are not considered gutter protectors because their openings are predominately on the horizontal surface where debris is held by gravity and clogs the sieves or openings.

Leaf Guards

Reasonable and affordable, Leaf Guards eliminate clogged gutters which can lead to expensive home repairs, such as:

  • Sagging Gutters
  • Wet Walls
  • Leaky and Cracked Foundations
  • Flooded Basements

Leaf Guards eliminate one of the messiest jobs at your home, freeing up your time for more leisurely activities. Leaf Guards promote being cautious, as you will avoid dangerous ladder climbing to clean out clogs caused by leaves and debris. Leaf Guards offer a low profile, are pleasing to the eye and preserve your home's "curb appeal."

There are various types of leaf guards and below is a sampling:

Dispersal System

The Rainhandler gutters are state-of-the-art rain dispersal systems that self clean, protect your property, prevent Erosion, Maintains Itself and beautifies by being practically invisible. RainHandler is the proven and practical system for rainwater dispersal.


Considered by many to be the "Cadillac" of Leaf Guard products, Permaflow is highly effective and provides a distinctive "crown molding" appearance when installed. Permaflow is an advanced design in leaf protection. The two super flow design channels will handle up to 10 inches rainfall per hour. The system slides under the shingle and locks onto the gutter. Made of UV protected pvc, to withstand the sun's harsh rays.

Lock On

This is a favorite among builders and contractors. Lock-On is very durable and has a low visibility once installed. Made of a rigid expanded steel mesh. Each piece is 4 feet. The molded clip locks to the front side of the gutter. The rear edge fits tightly along the rear of the gutter.

Gutter Guard

An economical all metal solid cover design. Sheds pine needles, leaves, twigs and other small debris. 20 feet per box. Available in white, black, brown and mill finish. Each piece is 4 feet. The rain water flows into the gutter and leaves and other debris will slide down the guard onto the ground.

Drop In

Reinforced edge fits directly to gutter lip, making installation easy, there are no tools or clips needed to install these. Expanded mesh is rigid enough not to collapse under heavy debris. These gutter guards are not noticeable from the ground. Mill Finish. Each piece is 3 feet. Available in aluminum or copper.

Solid Cover

Is considered to have a more sophisticated look, is ultra low profile and has exceptional leaf shedding qualities. Debris filters harmlessly off the roof while rain enters the specially designed drain channel. Solid Cover represents the next generation in "maintenance free" gutter hamlets. Engineered to handle the very extreme downpours. Solid Cover will drain 5 inches of rainfall each hour.

How do Gutter Protectors Differ? They differ essentially in two different ways.

  1. How they interfit with the roofing or how they don't interfit with the roofing.
  2. How they get the water into the gutter.

Besides the Importance of the Product Catching Water You Will Definitely Want to Also Consider the Following:

  1. How it's connected to the roof. The last thing anyone would want to do is invest in a gutter protector to solve one problem and end up having other problems such as leaks in the roof.
  2. Birds getting into the gutter protectors.
  3. Clips that fail causing the gutter protector to collapse and fall into the gutter.

Further Areas of Interest for Homeowners

If you are interested in re-using rainwater and cutting back on water usage, find out more about water conservation.