Gutter Questions

Are plastic gutters really inferior to traditional aluminum or steel gutters?

Vinyl gutters are not "inferior" to any other product, simply an alternative.

Quality vinyl gutters:

  • Retain their color
  • Remain flexible
  • Are relatively easy to repair or replace
  • Don't rust or corrode
  • Have a greater dent resistance than lightweight aluminum (often called continuous or seamless gutters)
  • Can be painted, if desired, using a exterior 100-percent acrylic paint (However, exterior vinyl should be painted no darker than the manufacturer's original color, to avoid warping.

Should I get a licensed gutter person to install my gutters?

Most gutter systems can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer or licensed contractor. One of the most important aspects of installation is maintaining a proper slope, so that water and debris flow and drain properly.

Do-it-yourselfers should only attempt gutter installation with the proper safety equipment and are comfortable on a ladder. Also make sure to be extremely aware of powerlines.

Our home does not have a fascia board. It has exposed eaves with the rafters coming out. Can gutters be installed on this type of area?

I have only seen gutters mounted on large vertical fascia boards.

Is there a special type of gutter for this situation or just special fasteners or are they mounted directly on the rafters?

There are several methods for hanging gutters from rafter ends. What you will need are rafter-end brackets and straps that are used with metal and vinyl gutter systems.

My gutters leak/spill over in the middle but don't appear to sag. I checked and they are not clogged with leaves. What should I do?

The first thing we should look at is to confirm that the gutter is not sagging, or draining away from the gutter downspout. Use a builders bubble level and check the direction of flow.

While up on the ladder, check the gutter dropouts for any hidden obstructions that may be slowing the water flow. If everything is found to be in order, you may need additional downspouts to handle the volume of water coming off the roof. Additional dropouts and downspouts can easily be added to existing gutter systems.